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We want to give each customer the best experience that they ever had with our process. Our employees are trained and equipped with the skills, customer service, and professionalism that I believe sets us apart from other companies. We don’t just hire any person to work for us they have to act and think like we all do before we send them into someone’s home. We go a step above on every job and want to be certain the customer is more than satisfied with our work. We strive to set ourselves apart from every other company. It is our goal to be better and always give the highest quality no matter what. We only use the highest quality materials and use the knowledge and expertise that we have gained over the last 20 years so that the job last as long as possible. Repeat business and referrals are another one of our main areas of focus.

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Meet The owner


I believe in giving the customer the best possible job and experience that we can offer. When we do a job and send our employees to customers' homes we want them to feel comfortable and trust us with their home. I have worked with and apprenticed for over 20 years some of the best companies and successful leaders of the interior and exterior painting industry In Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio. I learned from a young age the value of hard work good business and work ethics and we reflect that philosophy to our employees and customers 100 percent of the time. I have tried and tested many different coatings what does well and what does not work with the surrounding of each job condition. and always strive to give the best possible process from our years of knowledge and on-the-job experiences.


We are always looking for good employees! Experience is a plus but we do train people who have great work ethics and values. Pay can range from $15 dollars an hour up to $45 an hour with bonus incentives. We require a drug test and background check for every employee and you must have a valid driver's license. Part-time and full-time are offered. We love to train young ambitious people entering college or even in high school that want to learn a new skill.

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